The astrology forecast report looks at the likely events that will unfold in your year ahead. We have all wondered from time to time what the future holds for us, however only one practise has claimed to have some knowledge of what that will be and that is Astrology. The idea of fate and freewill has intrigued minds for centuries. Do we make our own destiny with freewill or are events fated for us. Perhaps as Forrest Gump so nicely put it ‘Maybe it’s both happening at the same time’

The free astrology forecast report option contains a small sample of the transits that you can obtain with the full astrology forecast. You then have the option to upgrade to the full astrology forecast.

The astrological forecast looks at the positions of the planets when you were born and advances them forward in time to now and then through the coming year. If the position of the planets makes a connection with the position they were at when you were born a certain force is activated which will manifest in your life as events. These astrological connections are known as transits.

The astrology forecast report is for a period of one year. It indicates the start date of a certain transit, when that transit is exact and at it’s strongest force and when the transit ends. Often on the exact date of the transit an event can occur in your life indicating the nature and lesson of the transit.

According to Astrology, all the transits that occur are significant and are there for us to grow and change as people. They are not by concidence. This astrology forecast will help you identify those key dates and events in your coming year and allow you to be prepare for them, embrace them and to hopefully understand the lessons of growth they will bring to you.

The astrology forecast includes a graphical timeline of events and a full color birth chart and is available immediately online.