What is a Solar Return Report?

The Solar Return Report or birthday horoscope is a report for a specific year of a person’s life. Each year the sun returns to the exact position it was at when you were born. This happens on or around your birthday. This is where we get the phrase ‘Many Happy Returns’.

The free solar return gives a sample report of the year ahead which can be upgraded to the full version of the report.

Although the Sun is at the same position in a Solar Return other things are different from the persons birth chart, specifically the position of all the other planets in the chart and the changed house position of the planets. From this chart constructed at the seed of the year we can determine the major themes of the coming year.

Will relationships be highlighted in this birthday horoscope , or possible a change of career or issues to do with health or travel. All is indicated in the solar return by the new chart that is formed.

The Solar Return report is divided into specific sections each beautifully illustrated with a hand drawn painting.

The Solar return can be calculated a number of years into the future so it is possible to get multiple Solar Returns for the years ahead.

The Solar Return or birthday forecast can be used in conjunction with a yearly forecast. The former is a snapshot of a the planets at the time of one’s birthday while the latter is formed by looking at how the planets move over the coming year. The two charts can therefore be used together to get an insight into what the year ahead is likely to bring.

With a solar return the location one is at during the time of the solar return can actually change the chart that is formed. Some people go so far as to change their location at the time of the Solar Return to ensure a more favourable chart for the year is formed.

The Solar Return report can be sent as a gift to someone and is an ideal present for someone for their birthday. They will receive the report immediately by email and a personalized gift message can be sent along with the report.

Free Solar Return Report

At the Birth Chart we offer a free sample of our Solar Return Reports. The process is very simple, all you have to do is input some personal data, such as date of birth and our calculator does the rest to generate a report for you. Our astrological charts can be used for a wide variety of things such as testing love compatibility, give you information on whether your current job is a good fit for you and uses astrological indicators that correspond with your health and wellbeing.