The Sacred Feminine report looks at twelve figures from ancient mythology and the forces and ideas they embody and how they will manifest specifically inside of you. This depends on where the planetary body lay when you were born. These twelve figures correspond with twelve asteroids in the sky each named after a specific figure from Mythology.

Each of these forces makes up one part of the Sacred Feminine and how it is expressed in this world be it through nurturing, fertility, love or relationship. The report gives an introduction into Mythology and how it can give us meaning to our everyday lives with its ancient stories and lessons.

The Sacred Feminine report comprises of a number of mythological forces. It explains the myth behind each figure by looking at their stories in Roman and Greek Mythology, stories such as Helen and the fall of Troy or Pandora’s box. It then importantly goes on to have a chapter for each on how specifically that mythological figure will manifest inside your life. This depends on the position of the planetary body at your birth.

The report includes the following characters. Ceres or Demeter presided over the seasonal cycle of growth and fertility of spring, of harvesting and of winters and represents these forces within us. Pallas Athena represents wisdom and strategy. Juno presided over Marriage and social customs. Vesta is the hearth, a symbol for both the center and the focus of the home as well as the metaphor for family life and the family circle. Hygieia is the giver and preserver of well being whose function is to maintain a healthy relationship between body and soul. Ariadne embodies the sacred marriage having endured the trials of betrayal and abandonment.

Europa represents the creative and earthy process that supports and guides worldly success. Pandora brings the gift of hope. Mnemosyne represents enchantment, inspiration and the power of remembering. Hecate represents times of transition in our lives when we are uncertain which fork in the road to follow. Cassandra represents a person’s intuitive abilities which they may not realise they have. Medea represents our healing ability.