The Astrology Compatibility Relationship Report looks at whether two individuals are compatible in a relationship. There are certain individuals we have a strong connection with and others less so. If we have that connection it may be fascinating, sexual, calming or enlivening, but just having it means there is a life force between the two people involved. Are the two people destined to go on a journey together that can lead them both to develop further as individual human beings? Each of us is unique and possesses certain traits that another person does not have. In a relationship one can act as a teacher to another person, showing new ways of acting and being. Often during relationships as a whole we can be greater than the sum of both of our parts.

The process simply asks you to enter a few details including the date of birth of you and your partner. Of particular importance here is the month and year of birth. The compatibility report initially looks at the individual relating traits of the two people involved and how they coalesce in an astrological way. What Astrological sign the planet Venus is in shows how we look for and give our love. The sign will be of one of the four Elements , Fire , Air, Earth or Water. If Venus is in a Water Element Sign the person will look more for an emotional connection. If Venus is in a Fire Element Sign they will search more for an inspirational connection. If it is in an Air Element Sign they will search for a connection of ideas. If it is in an Earth Element Sign it will be a more grounded and practical connection they seek. Therefore by looking at the positions of the planet and also, as the report does, looking at how it is connected with other planets in the birth chart we can understand how this individual will relate to others and how they will look for love.

The natal report then goes on to examine the connections between the people involved on different levels. It looks for connections firstly on a very personal level. How do these individuals come together on an intimate level? Is there likely to be attraction between the individuals? Is there a deep emotional connection and compatibility? It then goes on to look at the primary forces connecting the individuals. How do these individuals stimulate each other? Do they inspire each other’s creativity and joy or does one act as a grounding parent figure to the other? Finally, the report looks at the generational connection between the individuals. Do they have the same shared generational values by being born in the same era and do they have the same societal values? If you are going to be spending time with you partner on a daily basis you want to make sure you are as compatible as possible.

By the end of reading this horoscope report you should have a good idea of how the two people involved relate on a number of different levels and whether this is likely to be a successful relationship in the longer term.