The Animal Astrology Report uses astrology to understand the nature of an animal. Since time immemorial astrologers have been predicting big world events via the stars but can the same principles also be applied to the smaller, but nevertheless vital animals that live on our earth? The answer is, of course, yes! Just as a human being is born under a certain astrological influence on the day of their birth so too is an animal born on that same day subject to the same astrological forces. This means in effect we can determine the tendencies of the animal just as we could determine the tendencies of a human being born at that time.

The animal may be a dog or cat or horse yet it is still under the influence of the zodiac at the time it was born. Just as people are introverted or extroverted, energetic or docile, elegant or scruffy, athletic or slow so too do animals also have their own characteristics and this can be determined by an animal astrology report.

To do an animal astrology report you just need the date of birth of the animal and an approximate place. The animal asrology report is broken down into the following chapters, personality, lifestyle, health and diet, training and a profile of the type of owner they will feel most comfortable with. This information is determined by looking at the zodiac position of the sun, mercury and venus at the time of the animals birth.

It is hard to sum up in words the importance of the role that animals play in life, let alone those who become entwined in our daily lives. Creatures great and small tug at our heart strings and teach us invaluable lessons. This report is intended to help repay the love animals give to us and in a small way help us understand how to best nurture and sustain our animal counterparts. No matter what species of animal you have drawn into your life, this animal astrology report may give you a better understanding of his or her nature. Through understanding comes tolerance, care and love.