Astrology and Money

This report will highlight some of the indicators in your Horoscope that point to your instinctual relationship with money. These are the traits you have towards money as shown by an analysis of your unique birth chart. Reflecting upon the astrology will help you to become more aware of how money works in your life and how it is intimately bound up with your personal values. Money is not just a commodity, but is also a symbol of value and worth.

It is rare to meet someone who is indifferent to money. Money is a serious affair; it does matter. The word money finds its way into our modern language from the Latin word ‘moneta’ meaning mint. Gaining an understanding of money through Astrology and understanding its place in your life can greatly assist in helping you to accept your circumstances and to live with an easier flow to life, and to have a better relationship with money.

The Sun, The Moon and the Ascendant as Indicators of Money

Your Sun Sign can indicate an ability to attain great wealth. For instance your Sun in the Sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Aries could indicate great wealth. Each of these Zodiac Signs has different traits that attract wealth in different ways. If your Sun resides in one of the Angular Houses as shown in the report then you also have the ability to be wealthy.

The Money report outlines how your Moon and your emotions can influence your spending habits. When it comes to money your Moon can either help or hinder your ability to successfully handle money matters. Also what does money mean for you? What emotional need does it satisfy? Do you see money as a means of freedom, or does it provide security? Does money represent love? Do you feel more loved when someone shares their resources? These are the types of questions to ask and which your Moon will help you understand.

This report focuses on money and its place in your Birth Chart and life, but true meaning also comes from living true to yourself. Your Ascendant is a primary signpost which guides you to a life of true worth.