What is a Lunar Return Report?

The Lunar Return Report or monthly horoscope is a report for a specific month of a person’s life. The Moon is the most important influence in your Lunar Return chart. Each month the Moon returns to the exact position that it had when you were born but other factors change. Therefore, the Lunar Return chart tells the story for the coming month. The Moon is said to be a strong influence on your emotions and mood. Its placement in your Lunar Return Chart reveals much about how you are affected during the phase of its influence. The Moon in its House shows the area of life that is pre-occupying you most during the month, where you are likely to be seeking emotional satisfaction. The other Planets also influence the nature and likely events of the month ahead.

Other aspects of the Lunar Return Report

As well as looking at the Moon we look at the sign on the Ascendant for the coming month. The Ascendant or Rising Sign may not be as important as the Moon in a Lunar Return chart; however, it is a strong influence. Your Ascendant tells you how you are likely to go about achieving the emotional satisfaction that you require this month. Also we look at any planets in significant positions in your Lunar Return Chart, specifically on an important angle of the Return Chart. Further we look at the position of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and what they all indicate for the nature of your coming month ahead.