Given the name Chiron, after the mythological Centaur, by its discoverer, this minor planet adds another dimension to a person’s astrology chart. It reveals a person’s wounds, how to heal those that can be healed, and how to accept those that cannot. By exploring Chiron in a person’s astrology chart, the path to healing and becoming psychologically well is highlighted. Doors to a larger perspective are revealed, and lessons are learned which enable a person to teach others what they have discovered through their own healing journey.

Within our Chiron report. We look at the sign Chiron was in when you were born. This shows the area of problems we will have to focus on in life and ultimately will become a teacher to others within. We look at the house Chiron was in when you were born. The House in which Chiron is placed is where the greatest focus for healing and wholemaking lies. By using the positive energy as described by Chiron’s House position we can help heal any problems that may be inherent in the horoscope. Finally we look at any aspects Chiron was making to other planets when you were born. Chiron’s aspects show a person the specific cause of any wounding, and what inner dragons we must face and defeat that are blocking our healing path to becoming whole again.