The Child Astrology Report hopes to give the reader a glimpse into the nature of a recently born baby or child. When a baby is born they are in many ways a complete mystery to us. Unable to speak or communicate their thoughts to us, we wonder what they are like or how they will turn out.

The free child astrology report gives a basic sample of the full report which may then be later upgraded to the full version.

Astrology For a new Born Baby

There is an age old debate about whether a child’s personality is there from the beginning or whether it is formed as they get older through experience. Astrology definitely says their basic makeup is already there from the start, just not revealed, but it can be discerned from a child astrology report. Events to come will surely shape the kid but their basic personality is already there when they are born, as written in the stars.

With a baby astrology report you can get a glimpse in the nature of the child before it becomes evident in later years. For this reason, in many ways you could say a baby astrology report is more valuable than the other astrology reports because it is describing something not yet evident or revealed while with an adult their nature is there for all to see.

The child astrology report is written specifically to describe a young child or kid, their needs, desires and preferences. It is written using terms that are relevant to children such as the type of parenting that they will respond too, what will make them feel secure, the type of toys they will like and the ways in which they will respond to being educated.

All children are very different. Will the baby be born with lots of energy as indicated in astrology by having much fire in their chart and therefore needing constant stimulation. Perhaps they are more of a watery baby who will need more emotional attention and reassurance. Maybe they are an airy baby and will respond more to intellectual stimulation. Finally, they may be more of an earthy type who will favour stability and the challenge of building things. All of these tendencies can be revealed by the child astrology report.

The child astrology report in fact makes an ideal gift for someone who has just had a baby or has a young kid. Unsure of what to give the parents then maybe this astrology report is a perfect gift. It can be emailed to the parents directly on purchase and they will receive it immediately. You can also add a personalized message to the gift email.

The astrology child report is beautifully illustrated throughout with unique drawings at the beginning of each major section indicating the major themes of the report.

Free Natal Chart

The Birth Chart website provides the option to get a free basic, sample report which can then be upgraded. You will need to input certain personal details for the child which include things such as birth date (including the year) and time and we will then create an accurate report based on this data.