The birth chart is the primary chart in astrology. Everyone is born at a certain time and place and from this one can determine their birth chart.

Most horoscope reports just deal with the sun sign of a person. He’s a Capricorn or she’s a Virgo. However true astrology looks at the position of all the planets in a person’s birth chart. In all there are ten bodies that are significant in a birth chart including The Moon, The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Each of these can be in a different constellation in the sky thus giving endless possibilities in a birth chart. This is the reason we are all unique in our birth chart and personality.

Over many thousands of years astrology realised that the forces expressed by the position of the planets at the time of someone’s birth were also expressed in the human personality. Like a clock would tell us the time so the position of the planets would give us information on the human being born at that moment.

The birth chart is the foundation for all the other reports in Astrology. We only have one birth chart that stays with us all our lives. We are all unique being born under a certain moment and position in the universe.

The birth chart report is broken down into various sections including your Life Goals, Your Home Life, Your Education and Communication abilities, Your Relationships , Your Motivation in Life, Your Career and Ambitions, Your Creativity and Originality, Your Challenges in Life and Your Purpose and Joy.

The astrology birth chart report is beautifully illustrated throughout with unique drawings at the beginning of each major section indicating the major themes of the report.

It can be sent as a gift to someone and is an ideal present for a birthdy or for someone who has never had a chart reading before. They will receive the report immediately by email and a personalized gift message can be sent along with the report.