Angels are an inherent part of our western culture. The Bible only names three Angels specifically Gabriel, Michael and Raphael but plenty of Angels are mentioned (the word Angel or its derivatives is used about 300 times in the Bible). Other sources list the names of hundreds of Angels, along with their natures and their responsibilities. Many holy books tell us that Angels are appointed to watch over us, and our literature and entertainment are filled with examples of Angelic presence.

We look at the position of the planets when you were born and from this understand which Angels will be most prevalent your life. Special emphasis is given to the planet Neptune which is specifically linked with Angelic influences. Further we look at your Rising Sign and Midheaven as well as the other planets to discover which other Angels will be significant in your life.

Angel Astrology Report

This Angel Astrology Report focuses on the Angels that are most prominent in your life. You will learn who they are, what they govern, what they can do for you, and how they work together. You will also learn ways to become more aware of them - ways to tune in to their protection and their messages. We each have at least one Angel or daimon who is always with us, who never deserts us, and who offers constant creative inspiration, if we only will listen. Today you can learn more about how to listen to your unique set of Angelic guides.