Astrology and Adolescence

Adolescence is one of the trickiest parts of life. We all know this and yet adolescents, their parents and teachers are often left without a means to understand how best to find and give support. Astrology can offer much to help people understand themselves as well as other people. For young people growing and developing at an exponential rate, self-understanding is crucial. For parents and teachers, understanding how to help the children in their care is extremely important.

Adolescence is a time of many changes. In the West, we tend to focus on the physical changes of puberty. It's a difficult and complex process that leaves many parents and teachers puzzled. Astrology serves as a good way to understand the social, neurological and emotional changes that an adolescent goes through.

This report was written by a highly qualified astrologer and teacher specialising in child development. It can help guide parents and teachers to become the authority figures they need to be. For adolescents, it can be the first step in understanding themselves through the lens of astrology. The author also advises that parents read this report in conjunction with their teenager, helping both gain an understanding of this introduction into the realm of astrology.

There are significant transits or moments in time to look for when journeying further into adolescent astrology. For instance, the current position of the planets Jupiter and Saturn connect to Birth Charts at well-known milestones in child development. Jupiter makes these important contacts at about every three years and Saturn makes its important contacts about every seven years.