Brian Clark is one of the main tutors of a four-year program in applied astrology for Astro*Synthesis. He has been active in astrology since 1972, having served as National President for both The Fraternity for Canadian Astrologers and The Federation of Australian Astrologers FAA.

He has twice received awards from the Canadian astrological society, received the Education Award from the FAA and been nominated three times for the International Regulus Award. Brian also lectures on myth and conducts tours to sacred sites in Greece through Odyssey. Brian has a BA from Sir George Williams University in Montreal, Canada and a Post Graduate Diploma in Classics and Archaeology from Melbourne University.

He is the author of The Sibling Constellation(Penguin, 1999) and a contributing author to Intimate Relationships (Llewellyn, 1991), books that have also been translated into French and Japanese. A new book called Celestial Tarot is soon to be published by US Games Systems, Inc. He is one of the authors of Solar Writer - Goddess.