Kay Steventon is a Australian-based artist and astrologer. After graduating in 1980 with a Diploma Fine Art, Kay gained the Federation of Australian Astrologers’ Professional Astrologer qualification, and 'Living The Tarot' Diploma. Since 1966 Kay has had many solo and mixed exhibitions in her home city of Melbourne, Australia, and overseas, specializing in symbolic art in 1992.

Her first Tarot deck and book, 'The Spiral Tarot', was published in 1998. Kay's second Deck, 'Celestial Tarot', was published in 2003 with the Celestial book written by Brian Clark. A 52 card deck, 'Goddessess and Heroines' was published in 2005, again a joint effort by Kay and Brian Clark.

Kay is the illustrator for Esoteric Technologies’ Solar Writer – Health and Wellbeing report.