"The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence
but in the mystery of his passions."

Alfred Lord Tennyson
English poet (1809 - 1892)


The Sign of Scorpio is the second of the water signs. It is fixed in nature and co ruled by Mars and Pluto. It's sign is that of a Scorpion. The word deep comes to mind when you think of a Scorpio. Nothing is done by halves, there is an intensity and burning desire about this sign. Scorpios are nothing but real, with potentially all the attributes and failings that come with that. Scorpios sense what is deep under the surface of another person or situation. They often can sense the dark side or human nature and can be prone to sense any conspiracies or negativity around them. In certain situations they could be called paranoid and negative but on the other hand in some cases a group's very survival or success may depend on having a Scorpio around within it looking out for any danger.

The Scorpion insect, that is the representative of the sign, is very much a survivor and a powerful advesary. With its sting it is most definitely an animal to be feared. After such things as nuclear tests one of the few known survivors is the scorpion. Most definitely people with scorpio energy have great endurance and physical strength. Their lives are often not simple and involve great challenge but quite often through this they survive and transform to a different level. With their depth of feeling Scorpios often have to battle deep internal emotions and can suffer from periods of isolation and desperation. A Scorpio is someone you most definitely would not want to have as your enemy. They say you can tell a Scorpio from their deep intense , penetrating stare. In a contest of holding someones glare don't bet on the Scorpio to be the first to turn away. Infact in a conflict you can pretty much say a Scorpio will be the one with the last word or he'll die trying to do so in the process. This revenge may take the form of a cold and calculated act. Astrologically one of the worst conflict of energies can be that of a Leo and Scorpio. Neither of these two signs of intense power will back down. On the positive side though you couldn't have a better friend than a Scorpio. For people they like they will go through anything and endure any hardship.

The sign was traditionally ruled by the planet Mars. This gave it it's strength and sexuality and power. However it is now also attributed to rulership by the planet Pluto. This gives Scorpio it's deep ability to transform a person through purging that which is unhealthy or destructive in the personality, often through suffering.

Scorpio's can amongst other things make great soldiers, depth psychotherapists and detectives. Scorpio energy that has gone wrong or become distorted can result in the sex addict or cruel tyrant.

Scorpio energy will modify the expression of the planet that may lie in this sign. See How It Works section. With Venus in Scorpio, their desire will be to deeply merge with another person on a sexual or intense level. With Neptune in Scorpio the person will long for an intensity of experience and in this way will find their bliss.