"Be bold and mighty powers will come to your aid."

Basil King


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. It is also the first Fire sign and is Cardinal (Initiating) in nature and is ruled by the planet Mars. The sign of Aries is the Ram. It roughly occurs at the time of Easter and the Passover, at the beginning of the Spring. After the long Winter months there are once again signs of a new emergence. The energy at that time is of renewal and hope and new life. New shoots are emerging from the ground, the trees begin to bloom and people make new plans. This emerging energy is why the Zodiac begins in March and not as you would imagine in January.

Being the first sign Aries in some way contains a core of all the other signs to follow. It is the childlike nature of us all that wants to have it's needs met. Like a child it wants to satisfy itself and it wants what it wants right now. It doesn't like to wait. Also being the first Fire sign this sign has loads of unbridled energy much like the season it corresponds with. With this energy it wants to initiate new plans and new ventures. It is the beginning of the quest and of the journey. This is also shown by it being a Cardinal sign. Cardinal Signs are noted for their desire to embark and begin new ventures.

People with Aries energy are not noted for their tact. Their immense energy needs to be expressed and there is often no sense in holding it back. Being the first Fire sign the energy is expressed in it's most raw form. Later fire signs as we will see modify this energy so there is more of a sense of the other person. Aries children are often actually noted for having marks on their head as they move head first into the world and often have accidents, only thinking about things afterwards. There is an innocence though about this energy. Arians are often the least sign to want to upset others , it's just they are so busy initiating plans they are not focused on what the other person maybe thinking or feeling. Infact Aries are refreshingly honest since they just say outright what they are thinking or what they believe the truth to be.

People with Aries energy can use this energy in a number of ways, they can make great athletes, or soldiers as being the first sign they seem to have less of a concept of fear than the other signs. They can be great leaders and pioneers in the fields they choose as they are so full of new ideas. On the negative side they can have a temper and Aries energy gone wrong is that of the bully or the tyrant.

Aries energy will modify the expression of the planet that may lie in this sign. See How It Works section. With Mars in Aries, this is the home sign of Mars so the energy will be uninhibited and free flowing resulting in a leader or fearless individual. With Venus in Aries, the desires of the person will be in search of new projects, exciting adventures and whirlwind romances. With Mercury in Aries , the mind will be lightning quick always the first to express new ideas and opinions, often with a tactlessness of expresssion. With Saturn in Aries, the cautious and grounded nature of Saturn, will find ways to put this Aries energy into implementing new projects and building new structures in the world. It could also inhibit the energy of Aries in such a way that it is hard for the individual to express his own energy.