Venus in Virgo

With Venus in Virgo the desires of Venus lie in the meticulous sign of Virgo. The interest here for the individual with this placement are for perfection and correspondingly the small details that may indicate a lack of this perfection. People with this combination can be excessively critical and demanding because for them only perfection is good enough and of course it is rarely found in this imperfect world. They may look endlessly for that perfect beautiful parner in body and mind but never find them. Infact people with this combination may well remain single for a long time because forthem it is hard to settle foranything less than the ideal. Of course the perfection they seek is ultimately the perfection of their own self and when they realise this hopefully they can be more tolerant of other people and their many faults. With this combination the people have a great eye for detail and should have excellent analytical capabilities with Mercurys rulership of Virgo. Venus is known as in Fall in Virgo as it is the opposite sign to Pisces where Venus is exalted. This generally is thought to be because the desires of Venus do not mix well with the logical thinking and emotional lack of Virgo.