Venus in Pisces

Venus is known as exalted in the Sign of Pisces. This a very favourable position since the desires of Venus are placed in the compassionate water sign of Pisces. Natives with this combination are likely to be very sympathetic and kind to others and will always be thers to provide a listening and understanding friend. People with Venus in Pisces are likely to be attracted to those who possess the dreamy qualities of Pisces. These may be the soft dreamy types, the poets , musicians or hippy types. Those who seem to be otherworldly and unconcerned with the day to day gratification every one else seems to be chasing. People with Venus in Pisces will also be drawn to the down and outs and helpless , anyone in need of some kind of rescuing. The more darker sides of this combination can indicate a person with an addictive nature that wishes to avoid the rigours of daily life and will lose themselves in drugs or alcohol or general escapist behaviour.