Uranus in Taurus

With Uranus in Taurus the planet of revolution lies in Earthly Taurus. Unlike in the previous combination of Uranus in Aries where the lightning quick mind epitomised by the planet Uranus was in a free flowing Fire sign, here the planet is restricted and slowed by lying in possibly the slowest sign of the Zodiac Taurus. For this reason Uranus is considered in Fall or in a negative position in Taurus. The two principles of speed and slowness are at odds. It takes the ideas a lot longer to become reality. Having said this Uranus in Taurus can still be a very powerful combination. The creativity and inspiration and connection to the Universal Mind epitomised by Uranus can be made manifest in the world by earthly Taurus and what's more the changes are likely to be solid and long lasting. The generation with Uranus in Taurus will invent new ideas concerning material resources in society. This may be to do with money and reforming the way businesses operate for greater productivity. It could however be to do with the land in general such as inventing technologies to improve productivity in farming and nature. People with Uranus in Taurus ideas for change will always be motivated by a tangible and practical goal.