Uranus in Gemini

Uranus in Gemini indicates a person with a lightning quick mind. The generation with this combination intuitively can access a host of new ideas entering society to do with science, technology and communication. The sign of Gemini and the planet Uranus are both connected with the human mind. The former on the personal level and the latter on the group level. In this way natives with Uranus in Gemini instantly have access to radical new group ideas that will take other people far longer to come to grips with. Since the sign of Gemini is interested in the full spectrum of ideas and not limited to a particular field, people with this combination will be fascinated by all areas of new inventions and groundbreaking thought. They will lead the way with advances in communication through technology such as the rise of the internet, mobile phone, social networking and host of other technologies that allow people to effectively communicate with each other. To the combination of Uranus in Gemini these will be second nature while for others they will take time to be made full use off. The combination of Uranus in Gemini infact is so interested in the multitude of new ideas it will be difficult for them to settle down and focus on one particular area. This may be in a physical sense too with them constantly drawn to travel in this search for new experiences and ways of thought.