The Sun in Virgo

With the Sun in Virgo the Sun lies in a practical Earth sign. The qualities it endows the individual are that of an ability to manifest change in society for the better. The sign of Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. This planet is known for its ability of speed and movement and change. This is hinted at by Virgo being a Mutable or changeable sign. With the sign of Virgo Mercury gives the individual an ability to change themselves and the society around them. In order to do this the sign is given the gift of seeing all that is wrong so they can fix it. Virgo's are known to see the detail of a situation so even the smallest of problems is visible to them. This gift can also be a curse in that they see problems all around them in society and people and in themselves too. They therefore are known as the most critical of the signs. Their tongues can be sharp and they can be quite intimidating for some of the other signs. However sometimes the insights of a Virgo are vital to the other signs as they cut to the chase with their cold and clear logic. Some Water signs especially can benefit from the clarity a Virgo can add to any situation. Linked with a Virgo's ability to see problems is their natural impulse to correct them and seek improvement. As far as perrfecting any task or routine for efficiency and elegance the Virgo is the best sign. It can lead them though into an endless pursuit of perfection where nothing is ever good enough. This can manifest in having difficulty finding a partner who can live up to their high expectations. Virgo's perfectionism is also reflected in their pursuit of living a healthy life and they excel in the healing professions.