The Sun in Taurus

With the Sun in Taurus the planet lies in the first of the Earth signs. The energy of the person is directed towards earthly matters and manifestation in the material world. Taureans are likely to be drawn to possessions and money and the finer pleasures of life. Since the sign of Taurus is ruled by the planet of beauty Venus these natives are also connected with beauty in the material world. Either they have an aspect of beauty about them or they are drawn to beautiful objects. This may be the best jewellery or the finest clothes or the most elegant cars. They are drawn to pleasure in all its forms. If taken to its extreme this may incline the natives to excessive indulgence and laziness. This aspect of beauty may however take the form of manifesting beauty in the Earth. Taureans make the best gardeners as they encourage the beauty of nature to manifest and thrive in the physical world. The sign of Taurus is the first of the fixed signs so Taurean people are difficult to move from their viewpoints. At their worst they can be seen as stubborn and inflexible. At their best dogged and reliable. These are the people most likely to end a task they begin.