The Sun in Scorpio

People with their Sun in Scorpio usually have a great intensity about them This is a water sign but a sign that is a Fixed sign. They are therefore highly emotional but not in a way that is easily swerved or influenced. This makes them powerful characters. Furthermore the two rulers of the sign ancient and modern are the powerful and battling planets of Mars and Pluto. Mars is known as the warrior planet and Pluto a small planet of great power and abilities of survival and regeneration. Indeed the sign that represnts Scorpio is the Scorpion. This is a dangerous adversary , an insect that although small can deliver a near deadly bite to a human being. Scorpions furthermore are know to have great strength and can endure in the harsh and unforgiving desert. Like the Scorpion which shelters under rocks people with their Sun in Scorpio can sometimes favour dark places away from the limelight. This intense privacy can lead to melancholic and very deep introspection. The power of this sign can mean a Scorpio can be a formidable enemy. However on the positive side they can also be the greatest of fiends, often putting those they love above their own welfare. In many ways this sign posseses all the raw elements of human character that can lead to the best and worst of human nature. For this reason one could see this sign as possibly one of the the most 'real' signs of the Zodiac. It does not shy away from the great and harsh realities of life but meets them head on with all the good and bad that will entail.