The Sun in Sagittarius

People with their Sun in Sagittarius have the Sun in the last of the fire elements. Since the sign of Sagittarius is a Fire sign and ruled by expansive and broad minded and lucky Jupiter they often are blessed with a positive disposition on life tending to see the good over the bad in any situation. In this way they are vastly different to someone having say their Sun in Scorpio, who would tend to brood on the darkness and harsh realities of this world. Indeed for some signs, the Sagittarian can be seen as being naieve and less that 'real' in ignoring lifes harsh realities. However for a Sagittarian they would counter with why spend time on the darker elements of life as there is so much out there to explore and expand the mind with adventure and excitement. For this sign there is always a new challenge beckoning to them across the horizon. This challenge could take many forms but in some ways it must be a broadening of their current outlook. It could be learning about a new philosophy or culture, investiagting world religions or collective philosophy, learning another language , or travelling and living abroad or climbing a new mountain peak or inventing a new style of Skateboarding. The list is endless as are the adventures for the Sagittarian. This constant seeking of new adventure can tend to leave them restless in their current situation , including relationships where they are known to have trouble settling. For them the mundane is just not enough.