The Sun in Leo

With the Sun in Leo the Sun lies in its home sign. Both the Sun and the Moon are the only planets to just rule over one of the Signs. All the others rule two signs. This gives a special intensity and power to this sign. Indeed this if further emphasised when you think of the power of the Sun and the Fire of Leo combined. There is great power in this sign and many astrologers consider it the most powerful sign of the Zodiac. People with their Sun in Leo are blessed with many talents and qualities. As the Sun bestows its warmth and gives live to all things so the Sun blesses its home Sign with extra gifts. Generally people with their Sun in Leo are great leaders, like the planets that orbit around the Sun so do people orbit around these most charismatic of people. The sign of Leo is that of the Lion, the king of the jungle. Leo's without thinking have a natural authority about them and generally don't look to others for their opinions but are their own authority. So what you may ask could be wrong with this sign ? Well like all the signs they have their achilles heel. With all this charisa and power it is very easy for it to go to their heads. They can believe they are the cause of all their talents and they are the center of the universe. They suffer from vanity and need to constantly hear about their attributes and talents. This is also a fixed sign representing the height of Summer when it falls. For this reason these people can be dogmaic and stubborn in their opinions and unwilling to compromise. Having said all that if the Leo he was blessed with many gifts not of his own making an he puts them to good use this can be a most wonderful of signs.