The Sun in Gemini

With the Sun in Gemini the planet lies in the first of the Air signs. Air is the element most closely associated with the mind and the intellect. People with their Sun in Gemini are bright and quick minded and quick witted. The element of air is also associated with communication. Gemini is the great communicator of the Zodiac. They are never short of a word and enjoy lively debate. For Geminis understanding how the world fits together is of endless fascination to them. This desire to understand everything and its interrelatedness can indeed be the downfall of this sign. They are interested in evrything and everyone but have trouble settling and specialising in any one area. The sign is the first Mutable or changeable sign and this is reflected in their constantly jumping from one subject to another. Their lightning and flexible minds leave other signs trailing far behind. This speed and flexibility is indicated by Geminis ruling planet of Mercury. This planet has the fastest orbit around the sun and is used for its responsiveness in thermometers as it quickly changes to reflect movements in temperature. Similarly in mythology Mercury was the communicator between the Gods. As Mercury got into trouble playing tricks on the Gods so Geminis greatest trait , their flexibility and speed of movement, can ultimately be their greatest problem if it is not directed to a steady cause.