The Sun in Cancer

With the Sun in Cancer the planet lies in the first of the Water signs. Cancer is the sign of the Crab and like the animal that represents , people with the Sun in Cancer are very protective and shielded by their shell and they are never far from the realm of the emotions that the water represents. For Cancerians relating at the emotional level is everything. They can't feel connected to others on an intellectual level but have to feel the other person. For this reason when another person is not emotionally available or welcoming they instinctively retreat behind their shell. As with all the signs they have great gifts and often these gifts come inherently with problems. Since they predominantly relate emotionally they are deeply senitive to those around them and feel things at a gut level beyond logic. They may sense danger without any apparent cause and more often than not their feelings will be correct. On the other hand these emotions blind them to cold logic and they often need someone with a less emotional outlook, such as an Earth sign, to help them make sense of a situation. Cancerians are ruled by the Moon. As such they are affected by its waxing and waning, it relflecting in them their changeable moods. Cancer is also the sign of the home and for Cancerians their homes are definitely their castle where they are likely to be surrounded by many pets and should make excellent cooks.