The Sun in Aries

The Sun in Aries gives a nature that is young enthusiastic and implusive. This is the first of the signs and as such represents birth and new beginnings. The season of Spring that it is found during is all about new life after the long Winter months. As the first of the signs there is a childlike naievity and spontaneity. Children with their Sun in Aries are so impulsive they literally jump head first into new things. They are actually known later in life to bear scars or marks on their heads where they have injured themselves launching into things before thinking. This hints at one of the positive aspects of the sign of Aries. They are fearless, either they do not consider fear or they are youthfull enough to dismiss it out of hand. Aries is the sign of the Warrior and they make great Soldiers and Sportsman. With your Sun in Aries you are likely to be blessed with energy and enthusiasm. Infact the Sun is considered exalted or in favour in this position since both the planet and the Sign complement each other both being fire like in nature endowing their recipient with abundant energy and powers of self confidence and regeneration.