The Sun in Aquarius

The sign of Aquarius is the last of the Air signs. Like Capricorn, the traditional ruler of the sign is the planet Saturn. However this is a very different side of the Saturn we know. This is the side of Saturn that looks out beyond the seventh planet to the outer planets. This is reflected in the modern day ruler of Saturn being Uranus the plant that breaks all boundaries. Aquarians are indeed unique and ground breaking and cannot be put in a box. Being an Air sign they are concerned with the realm of thought and ideas. People with their Sun in Aquarius are the people who pioneer new ideas entering into society. They are likely the great inventors or scientists who everyone initially considers crazy and later say were brilliant. They may also be the great leaders who preach of a new fairer and more just way of us living our lives and treating each other. On a more down to earth level they make great architects having a vision of how things could be. They may not dress conventionally or follow normal routines as they are often oblivious to the mundane world around them. For Aquarians this freedom of thought they have means they cannot be bound and will feel stiffled and opressed if they are bound in any way. In a relationship this freedom is paramount for them. They need space and will be happy to give their partner the same. One of the criticisms levelled at this sign is that with most of their high ideals 'they love the world but just don't have time for the person next to them'. Possibly this is why although this sign has great gifts it is not the last of the signs, which is that of Pisces that is in the realm of Water, the emotions.