"The universe seems wonderous to me, with or without God,
It has powerful lines and uncompromising ways.
Patience and time sit like sages on the planets, strong and impersonal.
There is a stark beauty to all of this."

Real Live Preacher reallyapreacher.com weblog September 4, 2003
Anonymous author of RealLivePreacher.com


Saturn like Jupiter lies in between the inner and outer planets. Like Jupiter it is also an enormous planet with many moons and is of a different magnitude to both the inner planets before it and the outer ones after it. Because of it's position it has a similar meaning to Jupiter in that it is less a personal planet but more a social planet, to do with the individual relating to the society around them. It is known by everyone for it's characteristic rings made of ice and rock. It moves slowly around the Sun and takes 29.5 years to make one complete orbit. Saturn was always considered the furthest planet in our solar system until the totally unexpected discovery of Uranus. As such it is still considered the last planet by traditional astrologers.

Saturn was known as the 'Guardian of the Threshold'. It was considered a gatekeeper to what lay beyond. This is emphasised by the rings that represent a barrier to passing by. In Greek mythology Saturn was Cronos or Old Father Time. Cronos was forced to grow up at an early age as he battled his father Uranus. Saturn infact is all about proving your abilities and being forced to succeed through your own effort. The guardian will not let a person succeed in life unless they have merited it with hard work and perfecting their skills. Like a difficult schoolmaster he may well be the person you thank when you finally come to needing all you have been taught. There is no sympathy with Saturn only a fair and just return for the effort you have put into a task. Being the Guardian he is a tester and will send you back to redo your tasks until you have perfected them. Saturn is very much related to the physical world. Unlike as we will see Uranus, the next outer Planet, Saturn forces us to be real, to deal with the day to day reality around us. Saturn certainly is true in that it gives us measure for measure. We are rewarded truly for our effort.

Saturn is very much the opposite side of Jupiter. Where Jupiter was benevolent and forgiving, Saturn is not. Who is to say which of these principles are better. It is the two parties we often have in politics, one wishes to expand spending and taxes, the other wishes to contract. Infact both are necessary for a balanced outlook. Too much Saturn and we have a dour unforgiving, mean personality much like Ebeneezer Scrooge in a Christmas Carol. Too little influence of Saturn and we have unrestrained and impractical dreams and spending which will never achieve anything.

Saturn rules over Capricorn and is the co ruler of Aquarius. With Capricorn it endows the personality with a practical , worldly and traditional nature. Capricornians are great respecters of established heirachies and are often ambitious in their attempts to rise to the top. They are known for their hard work and reliability. Saturn though has another side and that is the face that doesn't face inwards to the inner planets but the face that looks outwards to the transpersonal. This is where it, as co ruler of Aquarius, is a sign that seeks to use the discipline of Saturn to look to the future to add pioneering and innovative ideas for an improved society.