Saturn in Virgo

With Saturn in Virgo the planet lies in the second of the Earth signs. The planet Saturn shows us where we have work to do in this life and where we have limitations to overcome. The sign of Virgo is about perfection of ourselves and the society that we live in. With Saturn in Virgo the person is challenged over their lifetime to make improvements in all areas of their lives. The sign of Virgo is blessed with having excellent clarity with regard to all the faults around them. With this placement they can therefore become hyper critical and difficult to live with, always demanding of others nothing short of excellence. A more positive manifestation of this placement is the person who sees the problems in their own nature and the society around them and makes changes for the better. A person with this placement will be excellent for overhauling and modernising out of date and inefficient working practices and methods. They may the sort of person who is called into companies completely rearranging departments,so work is done far more efficiently by fewer people, in that way possibly turning a loss making company into a profitable one. Since Virgo is the sign that rules over the area of health, it may be that people with Saturn in Virgo become quite prominent in the health industry, possibly being surgeons, doctors or nurses, dieticians, running health food shops or becoming personal trainers. Their pursuit of excellence will know no bounds. With this placement there is a danger of excess worrying since both the planet Saturn and the sign of Virgo are prone to these characteristics. This worry can manifest in problems to do with the intestines since the sign of Virgo is associated with this area of the body.