Saturn in Taurus

With Saturn in Taurus the planet lies in the first of the Earth Signs. The planet Saturn shows us where we have work to do in this life and where we have limitations to overcome. The sign of Taurus is related to the Earth and physical manifestation. It is also controlled by the planet Venus and is connected with beauty. People with Saturn in Taurus will be challenged to achieve tangible results in the world. What springs to mind most readily is the pursuit of the accumulation of money and material possessions although the desire may take many forms. It may be a love of accumulating beautiful objects such as works of art or jewellry. Since the shadow side of the planet Saturn is fear and insecurity people with this placement may become extremely bound to their desires and possessions and may pursue and guard them at all costs. This may result in a person who is overly bound to the material world and where accumulating ever new objects is the only way they can feel secure. This pursuit of materiality will general result though in people with Saturn in Taurus as becoming fairly well off as the years progress. The Taurean attributes of reliability and steadfastness and extreme endurance to see a project through to its end combined with similar values of the planet Saturn will mean that people with Saturn in Taurus are likely to be very reliable and capable of seeing a project through to its very end. There pursuit of materiality may well make them well suited as Bankers or Property Managers. A less obviously material career but possibly even more rewarding would be that of the gardener or farmer who toils all day at the soil to bring beauty and life into the world.