Saturn in Scorpio

With Saturn in Scorpio the planet lies in the second of the Water signs. The planet Saturn shows us where we have work to do in this life and where we have limitations to overcome. The work here epitomised by the planet Saturn will be in the realm of a connection with others, either in an emotional or financial sense. The person with Saturn in Scorpio will be challenged through events to make their partnerships successful and healthy for all concerned. This is a person who has the potential to work tirelessly on behalf of others , possibly making both parties financially very succcessful in the process. They may well make good financial advisors, tax accountants, property managers or be involved in family businesses. They have great endurance and depth of resources with the combination of the powerful and intense sign of Scorpio and the hard work of Saturn to look after and champion the figures around them whom they love and care for. Yet on the other hand the person with Saturn in Scorpio can make a formidable adversary when crossed. They will spare no effort, or no amount of time will be too long for them in seeking revenge, if they have feel they have been slighted.