Saturn in Libra

With Saturn in Libra the planet lies in the second of the Air signs. The planet Saturn shows us where we have work to do in this life and where we have limitations to overcome. The sign of Libra is all about the area of relationships and what is just and fair between people. Therefore the person with Saturn in Libra is challenged to work at understanding and improving the area of relationships. This may take many forms. It may be their own relationships or it may be on a more grand scale that they may enter the profession of the law and become an arbitrator or advisor over many peoples relationships. They may well become solicitors specialising in family law, or relationship councillors or if they reach a very high level of understanding, even a judge. Since the planet Saturn controls the area of 'measure for measure' or the consequences of ones actions being manifested over time, it is very much at home in the sign of Libra which is also about actions between people and their consequences. For this reason Saturn is known as being exalted or in favour in the sign of Libra. The area of Law is all about the consequences of a persons actions in this world and the way in which a person is obliged to somehow pay back for negative deeds. Saturn is often seen as the father or wise figure in Astrology presiding over time and its eternal cycles. Since in this case it lies in the sign of Libra or relationships it may be that people with Saturn in Libra are attracted to older figures in the realm of partnership. They are most likely seeking that wisdom, that in fact lies inside of themselves, in another person. The partner to them will represent the values of stability and structure and organisation and will be a grounding influence in their life.