Saturn in Leo

With Saturn in Leo the planet lies in the second of the fire signs, Leo. The placement of Saturn in the chart shows us the areas where we have work to do in this life , where we will be challenged and where we need to grow as a person. The sign of Leo is really the last of the signs concerned primarily with the self and its development before the later signs turn outward toward serving society and relationships with others and introspection. Leo is about self expression , spontaneity and charisma and fun. With Saturn in Leo the person is being challenged to bring out these characteristics which lie deep within them. In the early years their self expression may be inhibited, but they will encounter situations and circumstances which will force them to develop this characteristic. They may be shy to speak in front of large groups and then at some point they may be called on to speak in this exact situation and will then realise that maybe they have a talent and a powerful charisma in this area which can influence, educate and help other people. The placement of Saturn in Leo literally challenges the person to fall back on their own resources and their own talents which lie dormant and undeveloped inside of them. This is similar to the first Fire sign Aries which is also about self expression in its earliest sense. Those with Saturn in Leo do have many talents , such as inspiring and motivating others, being generous and noble, making people laugh, putting on a show, yet they need to work on bringing them out. The Saturn placement can show us where our careers are likely to be and people with this placement may make excellent antique dealers or art collectors, since Saturn is concerned with tradition and time and Leo with style and aesthetic beauty. They may also use the Saturn trait of work hard to express the Leo talent of acting and drama to become excellent actors or actresses, over time.