Saturn in Gemini

With Saturn in Gemini the planet lies in the first of the Air signs. The planet Saturn shows us where we have work to do in this life and where we have limitations to overcome. Possibly in the early years of a person with this placement, they may have difficulty communicating or possess a basic shyness. They may not come out of themselves and blossom fully till they enter adolescence. Their work to be done in this world is to master their ideas and communicative abilities. They will be forced to develop thse through hard work and endurance and extra studying. As they mature and reap the rewards of their efforts they may well excel in all areas to do with thinking and the logical mind. This could be the placement of the mathematician or the computer scientist or the translator or renowned speaker. The ideas and quickness of the sign of Gemini can be put to excellent use with the grounding and hard work exemplified by the planet Saturn. Often the sign of Gemini suffers from the problem of being interested in all things but master of none, darting from one subject to another before they have time to put it to good use. However with the placement of Saturn in Gemini the individual is forced to make something of their interest and fascination of the many different areas of life and to put it to some kind of practical use. People with this placement make excellent cataloguers and organisers of information such as a librarian.