Saturn in Capricorn

With Saturn in Capricorn the planet lies in the last and most mature of the Earth signs. There is a hint of maturity and wisdom with this combination since both Saturn and Capricorn are planets and signs associated with Karmic laws and the effect of actions over time. Saturn is very at home in the sign of Capricorn as it is the natural ruler of this sign. This makes the combination of Saturn in Capricorn very powerful. The person is literally being challenged in this life to work at working hard itself. They will be capable of great feats of endurance and hard work. If they begin a project people with this combination will do everything they can to see it to fruition. Over time they most likely will rise to the very top of businesses and organisations. People with Saturn in Capricorn will have a very traditional and conservative outlook on life, preferring to adhere to the rules and structures of society and the way things have always been done. Indeed change and radical thinking may be a big problem for them. They may well be quite judgemental of people who do not follow the rules, since in their eyes these rules are the only way a civilised society can operate. People with this combination understand that hard work is rewarded ‘measure for measure’ and the only way to make a success of themselves is to put in effort and toil. A person with this combination in older age may well be the wise person people turn to for advice on how to make a success of themselves. The person with Saturn in Capricorn understand that the world is about effort and the best things in life don’t come for free but ultimately the effort is all worth while and in time will come smiling back at you bearing all it’s gifts.