Saturn in Cancer

With Saturn in Cancer the planet lies in the first of the water signs, emotional Cancer. Saturn shows us where we must grow and learn lessons and what we must work hard at in our life. Saturn is considered in detriment (or in difficulty) in the sign of Cancer as it naturally rules the sign of Capricorn whish is opposite Cancer. The combination of Saturn in Cancer means that the home and family life is not easy or necessarily positive. People with Saturn in Cancer are likely to have had a difficult upbringing. This could have taken the form of them having strict parents, or there being an emotional coldness in the home, where feelings were not easily shown or expressed or it could have been the person having to take on a lot of responsibility an early age. Whatever, the childhood would not have been simple and was unlikely to have been joyful. The people with Saturn in Cancer are challenged in this life to work at their expression of emotions and their family relations. This may mean as they get older settling old hurts with their parents or siblings and changing past patterns of relating to people where their was suffering involved. People with Saturn in Cancer will work very hard at making their own families a success. They will go out of their way to try and not repeat the problems of their own childhood by working extra hard to guide and care for their own children. They will make every effort around the home and family, often strongly pushing their children to make the best of themselves and their abilities. Indeed people with this combination may make good relationship or family councillors because of their own experiences and the difficulties they have had to work through. Emotional expression for the person with Saturn in Cancer will always be an issue and a challenge but will ease as they get older until hopefully they find some sort of balance.