Saturn in Aries

With Saturn in Aries the planet lies in the first of the signs and the first of the Fire signs. The planet Saturn shows us where we have work to do in this life and where we have limitations to overcome. Since it is the first of the signs, Aries represents everything to do with new beginnings and ventures. With the placement of Saturn in Aries we need to work at creating new projects and ideas. A person with Saturn in Aries is forced to confront the necessity of self reliance and being the originator of their own fortune. Possibly early in life someone with this placement may feel fearful or unsure of themselves in following through on their own ideas. They may feel incapable of doing things on their own and may look to others for assistance. However this placement will force them throughout life to be the master of their own destiny and the cause of their own success. They will be presented with opportunities to initiate new ventures and will have to eventually take the plunge and attempt to bring them into manifestation. Saturn is considered in fall or negatively placed in Aries as it is opposite the sign to where it is exalted or in favour, which is Libra. Saturn controls the law of cause and effect or measure for measure. In Libra it is at home because this sign deals with the related matter of justice. In Aries this is not the case as the sign deals with new beginnings. As a person with Saturn in Aries grows older and masters their sign they will hopefully be very good at the discipline involved in creating new ideas and bringing them to reality. People with Saturn in Aries may be those entrepreneurs who are willing to work incredibly hard to bring a new start up company to fruition. With this placement there will be a tendency to want to work for themselves or alone and the people may be difficult to work alongside.