Saturn in Aquarius

With Saturn in Aquarius, the planet lies in the last of the Air signs. The planet Saturn shows us where we have work to do in this life and where we have limitations to overcome. Saturn is very much at home here as it is the ancient ruler of the sign of Aquarius. People with Aquarius in their chart are given a great ability to envision ideas. This is the sign of the Architect who can picture in their minds eye a new vision that can then be made manifest. With Saturn in Aquarius the people will work hard to achieve this vision. Aquarian ideals are often bright, innovative and enterprising, so people with Saturn in Aquarius are likely to be highly intelligent and creative. They may be found as engineers designing bridges or highways or they may be found in the computer industry designing a new form of microchip or as figures in the leading edge of medicine. They will at home with new technologies or if not naturally the power of the planet Saturn will allow them to study hard to become knowledgable in these areas. The placement of Saturn in Aquarius is so favourable because Saturn is a planet of tangible manifestation while the sign of Aquarius is about new ideas and visions. A vision without manifestation is of no use but when the hard work of Saturn is applied to refine and perfect and implement the vision in the real world the two are a very powerful combination. An example of the principle exemplified by Saturn in Aquarius could be Thomas Eddison the inventor of the lightbulb. A man who worked tirelesly to bring his new invention to life, failing a thousand times before making something of great benefit to mankind.