Pluto in Taurus

Pluto was last in the sign of Taurus between the years of 1852 and 1884. Pluto takes about 248 years to make a full transit of the Astrological signs. Its time to pass through the signs can vary from between 12 and 32 years as it has an unusual orbit. It is considered a transpersonal planet and as such the interpretation of its movement through the signs applies to a whole generation of people and not specifically an individual. Looking at the house position that your Pluto is in will give you more detailed information on how it applies to you. With Pluto in Taurus the generation belongs to a time where there were great changes in the economy and material production. This generation encompassed the years of the American Civil War years. This period saw industrialisation for the war effort take place on a massive scale. The country would never be the same again with the invention of new technologies and the growth of factories to enable mass production.