The Moon in Virgo

With the Moon in Virgo the placement of the emotional nature indicated by the Moon is in the detailed and discerning sign of Virgo. Taken too its extreme this can result in an emotionally fussy individual. Indeed it may be difficult with people with this placement to finally settle and find a partner to match their emotional needs. This critical emotional nature is also often reflected in an individual who is critical of themselves. It can also indicate having a critical Mother. With this placement the emotions are connected to the logical and practical Earth sign of Virgo. These people will like a partner who is articulate, rational, sensible and logical. They will try and talk through and understand emotional issues. In fact this is a very good placement for the understanding of emotions and may well suit people such as psychiatrists. On the other hand this overly rationalising and thinking about the emotions may prohibit the person from truly getting to the depths of what they are feeling.