The Moon in Sagittarius

With the Moon in Sagittarius the emotional nature is expressed through a fire sign. This sign believes in adventure and the breaking of boundaries so people with this placement are likely to find emotional comfort in dynamic and impulsive partners. The sign of Sagittarius is known for its lack of tact and spontaneous expression of enthusiasm. In this way people with the Moon in Sagittarius may have sudden outburts of emotion be that joy or anger. However like a storm the emotions will be intense and dramatic but they wont last long. Infact a person with this placement is one of the least likely to bear grudges for any length of time, for them the matter is impulsive and soon forgotten. Sagittarius being ruled by the positive and upbeat planet of Jupiter will most likely give these people a bright and sunny emotional nature where they will tend to see the godd over the bad in people and life in general. Since this sign has great interest in the big ideals and collective thoughts of mankind people with this placement will be drawn to religion and philosophies and cultures that espouse great ideals. In a similar way they will be drawn to partners who champion these ideas. Rather like the Moon placement in the sign of Aquarius this sign values it's freedom and ability to search for new adventures and ideals so people with this placement will have trouble settling with one partner as they may always find something a little more exciting around the corner.