The Moon in Pisces

With the Moon in Pisces the sign of the emotions lies in the most sensitive of the signs. People with this combination have an intrinsic and deep understanding of other people and their pain and problems. It is as if their feelings are heightened an magnified. The positive side of this is the ability to feel what others are feeling and to sympathise and be understanding to their problems. In this way people with the Moon in Pisces are likely to be well liked by others and not seen as a threat. On the negative side since these people can feel the pain and troubles of the world they may find it all too much and wish to escape in to their own less painfull world. This may take the form of any kind of escapism including drugs , solitude , gambling or any othe pursuit in which they can escaoe from the pain which they feel in everyday life. Indeed people with this combination may need to periodically withdraw from society to recharge themsleves as they are constantly open to all the feelings of those around them and they may become overwhelmed by them and lose their corse sense of self. Sometimes feeling any pain will be too much for them and these people will go the other way and be quite ruthless and cold with others in order to not suffer the deep feelings they have inside. People with this combination are likely to verge on the psychic and get inspiration and knowledge given to them while alone or contemplating things. People with this combination will generally favour the more sensitive and refined and artistic individuals as partners as any form of harshness will be an anathema to them.