The Moon in Libra

With the Moon in Libra these individuals will have to be in a relationship or they will feel they are not living. For them the relationship with a partner is everything. Indeed since the Moon is in the diplomatic sign of Libra they may be tempted to sacrifice everything to make the relationship succeed and run smoothly. They will do everything they can to avoid conflict and disharmony in a relationship even to the extent of sacrificing their own feelings in place of placating the other persons. People with this placement will have homes with style and artistry since the sign of Libra is ruled by Venus the sign of beauty and the Moon represents the home. They may have beautiful sculptures or painting in their house and it will be aesthetic pleasing for people to visit. They may throw the most stylish parties and events in their houses. In fact the individual with this placement will carry some of this beauty, charm and style within themselves, there houses merely being a reflection of this gift they have been given. With the Moon in Libra the dynamics of relationships will be of interest to the individuals and they may make great relationship counsellors as they seek to understand and illuminate what is fair and just in the emotional connection and dealings between two individuals.