The Moon in Leo

With the Moon in Leo the emotions are that of a flamboyant and expressive individual but with a need for admiration and acknowledgement. The individual may be quite dramatic in their moods and there is a hint of self centeredness about this Moon placement. These individuals may tend to be on the vain side and if they don't get the recognition they feel they deserve they may be quite temperamental. Since Leo is a fixed sign and very proud it may be difficult to change their views when they have their heart decided upon something. Indeed they may pursue their partner with great romance until they eventually succeed in getting what they want. Since the sign of Leo can represent all that is noble and generous, people with the Moon in Leo can also be very giving with their love and affection, often surprising their partners with weekends away and romantic gifts and charming attentions. Indeed this combination is a good candidate for the best and worst of the emotions.