The Moon in Capricorn

With the Moon in Capricorn this is a difficult placement. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer so it is considered in Fall in the sign of Capricorn. Whereas in Cancer the emotions are freely expressed and natural in the sign of austere Caprcorn they are in someways blocked and frozen in this Saturn ruled sign. This is not to say a person with this placement cannot have a fine emotional life it is just it takes a little more work for them to let their feelings flow and indeed to give and receive emotionally with other people. Like a blocked river the emotions have trouble moving. For his reason people with this placement have trouble trusting and opening up to other people what they are really feeling. It may take a while for a person with ths placement to let someone know they really like them. Indeed most people will think the person with Moon in Capricorn is cold and has no affection for them when quite the opposite may be true. These people may suddenly from nowhere melt and let all their pent up emotions come flowing out as the blocked river is allowed to flow. In many ways people with the Moon in Capricorn need more affection than everyone else as they have difficulty taking in and accepting affection from other people. People with Moon in Capricorn may tend towards the sadder aspects of life, there emotions have a weight around them that they have to carry. A person with this placement once they accept you as a friend or lover will most likely be loyal and dependable for as long as they know you. People with this placement can tend to find affection with older partners as they represent the stability these people value.