The Moon in Aquarius

With the Moon in Aquarius the Watery moon sign lies in an Air sign and could be considered not entirely comfortable. The sign of Aquarius above all values freedom and individuality whereas the Moon represents intimacy and emotional bonding. There is a contradiction here that will be difficult for the people with this placement to overcome. Possibly for them having a partner who also values freedom and independence is the answer. In that way the person with Moon in Aquarius will not feel trapped and will want to spend time with their partner. People with this placement above all are drawn to unique and interesting people in relationships. They value ideas and information above all. Their hearts will be won over by people who espouse high ideals for mankind and are groundbreaking in their ways of looking at the world. The Moons placement in a chart can also indicate the Mother figure so people with this placement are likely to have a Mother who is unusual and possibly who brought them up in a completely alternative way. Maybe someone who decide conventional education was not good nough for them and decided to teach them at home. People with the Moon in Aquarius are likely to have many friends with whom they share ideals and common cause with. There homes are likely to be creative and unique in style and design.