Mars in Virgo

With Mars in Virgo the energy of the planet is manifested through this practical earth sign. People with this combination seek perfection with all they put their effort into. This can result in people who are highly skilled in their field of work. They will be the specialists who take their industries to a new level. Since the sign of Virgo is about detail these people can be highly precise in what they do. They may be surgeons or skilled craftsman with no detail being left untouched. The sign of Virgo is also of course highly analytical so these people will have a strong analytical energy. The shadow side of Mars in Virgo is that the people are plagued by seeing imperfection, both in themselves and the outside world. This can make them highly critical and they may well have a very sharp tongue and acerbic wit. People with this combination will want to build practical structures in the world since Virgo is an Earth Sign and they will only be satisfied if what they build is of an elegant nature.