Mars in Taurus

This is not a perfect position for Mars as the planet is considered in detriment as it is opposite the sign of Scorpio that Mars naturally rules. The Earth sign of Taurus, unlike the Fire Sign of Aries that preeceded it tends to inhibit the free expression of the Martian energy. One can think of this much like the fire that is trapped in a Volcano. There is great power there but it is not naturally expressed. People with Mars in Taurus tend to be slow to anger and start projects but once begun they are like an unstoppable force. Since Taurus is a fixed Earth sign these people will not easily bend their views or compromise. However once they begin a task these are the sort of people who will see it through to the end. Their endurance is incomparable. Much of the energy of people with Mars in Taurus is directed at achieving material wealth since Taurus is related to the Earth and manifestation. In a positive sense this can mean these natives will eventually accumulate physical possessions but in a negative sense this can indicate an obsessive desire for material comforts.